Our Sign.

Longlane Farm B&B is CLOSED as we prepare to place it on the market. We thank our guests, who over the years have given us a glimpse into their lives and had a peek into ours as well.

Longlane Farm B&B is a century farm home rooted on a rocky ridge and nestled into the forest edge near Skinner's Bluff on the Niagara Escarpment. This property was established by William Porter in 1898 and farmed for many years by the family. Evidence of its farming roots is still visible in the rock and split-rail fences that define fields long since reclaimed by the surrounding forest.

In 2006, we purchased this property now known as Longlane Farm and began our "daring adventure". At Longlane, we believe very strongly in the integration of farm, bed & breakfast and the environment. We are working toward the creation of a sustainable system where all three components can thrive.

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Farmhouse view